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All inquiries can be send to [email protected] Please make sure to include one of the following options in the subject line of your e-mail & provide the required information you find below.

If you want to book Melissa for a private single or group session, please let us know in which service you are interested.

Self-Care Coaching | Sound Healing | Yoga | Reiki | Group Sessions

Please include the number of expected guests, venue and budget. Travel and accommodation must be included if outside of Munich, Germany.

Please include the link to your show and let us know what you would like to chat about with Melissa on your Podcast.

For all interviews, media opportunities, and anything else press-related.

Melissa loves working together with brands that are in alignment with her values! Please share about your company and vision in working together and we will send you Melissa’s media kit.

Basically, if none of the above applies to you, please just write “General Inquiry”.



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