The First Aid Kit Of Happy & Healthy People: dōTERRA Oils

Did you know that Oregano is far more effective than most pharmaceutical antibiotics? There are countless natural remedies that we've forgotten about, that are safer & more effective than what common drug & beauty industries have to offer. Let me help you remember...

dōTERRA oils go hand in hand with my daily self-care practices

If you are ready to step up your self-care game click the link below & then come back here, so I can walk you through the enrollment process - see the steps below

Let me walk you through the enrollment process

It is pretty easy, there are just a few steps where it is important that you enter the right information. Please take a deep breath to be fully present, before following the steps below:

There are different enrollment kits, depending on your place of residence (choose your region):

United States / Europe / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Other

I recommend "Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit" or "Home Essentials Kit" or "Natural Solutions Kit", they are my 3 favorite kits.


You can choose your kit now or skip this step & go to "Enroll Step By Step" below and choose your kit later.

  • Click "Join & Save"
  • Click "Join dōTERRA" at the bottom
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Choose the country you want your orders to be shipped to
  • Select "Wholesale Customer"
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Enroller ID is: 7024505
  • Select your Enrollment Kit (no sign up fee) or...
  • ...choose the membership fee option (price depends on the selected country) to select single oils to order later
  • Enter your payment information
  • You will get asked if you would like to set up your ‘Loyalty Rewards Program’ order (LRP). This is optional! I love it & you can adjust, edit or cancel it ANY time. I put all the oils & products I use daily (Lemon, Wild Orange, ZenGest, Peppermint, Frankincense, Geranium, toothpaste...) in it, so I get them every month automatically. If you want to set up your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program), I listed the steps below, but you can also do this any time after
  • Now you are all set!
  • Check your inbox for 2 e-mails: 1 from dōTERRA and 1 from me with your free self-care training and my favorite tips on how to use dōTERRA (please double check your spam file. If you don't get an e-mail from me within 24 hours please contact [email protected], someone of my team will get back to you asap)
  • Give yourself a hug for making time to invest in your health & happiness!


In case no one told you today: You are amazing! You are enough! I love you!

  • Select a processing date. I recommend selecting any date before the 15th of each month, because with each order before the 15th of the month, we receive a FREE oil from dōTERRA if the order reaches 125PV or more.
  • Add the oils & products you would like to get next month to your cart.
  • Enter your payment information  (Note: your credit card will NOT be CHARGED & the order will NOT be SHIPPED before the date you’ve selected. Though you always have the option to "ship now".)
  • You can adjust, edit or cancel your LRP ANY time. 

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